About us

We are committed to a new relationship with resources. A relationship that respects the carrying capacity of the earth. Passionate about waste prevention, smart policies, circular systems and reuse. Determined to make an impact. Ready to begin again.

With a team of 10 colleagues, we are working on the resource transition. We want to see concrete changes, and to that end we engage in public debate with facts and figures, we set up campaigns and we remind companies, politicians and governments of their responsibility to formulate better environmental policies.

Our work

We are a small but ambitious NGO with a green mission. Our goal is to reduce resource use to fit within the carrying capacity of the earth and its ecosystems. At the Dutch, Belgian and European levels, we engage through policy advocacy, systems analysis, driving and steering transitions, project management and research. Some of our successful initiatives include introducing deposits on plastic bottles and cans and phasing out rubber granules.

We are all about making an impact. We want to see concrete changes, and to that end, we conduct public debate, launch campaigns, remind companies of their responsibilities and push politicians and governments to formulate better environmental policies. Being constructive where it is logical and taking an activist stance where it is needed.


Meet the team

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The team

Rob Buurman



Emmy van Daele

Reuse and Mission Reuse Project Coordinator


Janine Röling

EPR and EU policy coordinator


Karl Beerenfenger

Project coordinator Mission Reuse and Cigarette Filters


Karlien van der Staak

Operations manager


Chloé Schwizgebel

Project coordinator DRS in Belgium


Maïté Liekens

Project Officer Reuse


Janine de Bart

Campaign officer deposit | Communication officer


Eva van Esch

Project officer weeffouten in Dutch environmental policy



Want to work towards a world where we consume fewer resources, and do you have experience in policy, systems analysis, program management or campaigning? Or do you have knowledge of, or a specialty in resource management. And do you enjoy working in a small team where you can make a real impact? View job openings here or send an open application with cover letter and resume to Karlien van der Staak at karlien@fairresourcefoundation.org

We currently have no vacancies

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Policy Plan 2024 2027

Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2022

ANBI 2021

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