Every year we throw away more than 7 billion cups, trays and bags in the Netherlands. These are disposable plastic and paper containers for a variety of beverages, snacks and meals. Half eventually end up in the incinerator, another part as litter in nature. We can only address this growing problem by bringing about systemic change. An indispensable strategy for this is to reuse packaging on a much larger scale. Using packaging longer and more intensively reduces the need for new packaging and creates less waste.

At Fair Resource Foundation, we work on national and international initiatives to accelerate the transition to reuse and make reusable packaging visible, accessible and affordable for all.


Reuse,tops the R ladder as one of the most important strategies. In a circular economy, reuse is a crucial concept aimed at extending the life of products by reusing them. The main goal of reuse is to reduce waste, conserve natural resources and minimize environmental impact by keeping products in circulation as long as possible. This also helps reduce litter.

From a disposable society to a circular economy with numerous sharing and reuse systems. The dream sounds fantastic on paper, but now it must become a reality. Therefore, it is important that we experiment, research and innovate. We advise policymakers on what is needed to give reuse systems wings and work on several initiatives that accelerate the transition to reuse. In 2020, we launched the transition program Mission Reuse, testing concepts around real-world reuse: from cups and meal trays to diapers and e-commerce solutions. We also encourage politicians to work on clear, encouraging policies that make the reuse transition (economically) feasible. With the Kombak project, we are experimenting with zero waste takeaways in Ghent and Leuven. Also, we are an active member of the international Break Free From Plastic-movement, the Zero Waste Europe Network and are participating in the European #WeChooseReuse campaign.


Three organizations joining forces to embed reusable packaging in our society for good. Then there is no escape, and disposable options are a thing of the past. Your coffee you buy in a cup that you return, your online order you receive in packaging that is reused, and your meal is delivered only in containers that you see washed clean once more.

With the Mission Reuse transition program, we aim to replace disposable items with reusable products and packaging. Our goal is to make these solutions accessible and affordable for everyone. Read here more about the joint project of Fair Resource Foundation, Enviu and Natuur & Milieu.

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