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The policy program ‘Netherlands Circular in 2050′ stipulates that the Netherlands must drastically reduce the amount of raw materials it uses. Putting commodities at the center of Dutch policy is extremely crucial. Recent research shows, in fact, that the central role played by commodities in the triple planetary crisis has long been overlooked.

The Netherlands has a goal of halving resource use by 2030. And this is where the circular economy plays an important role. Therefore, we are committed to policies including prevention, reuse and closing the loop.

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The annual analysis of the Dutch Circular Economy is clear: too little progress is being made and there is a need for clear, ambitious policies to drive the Dutch Circular Economy. The Netherlands has the opportunity to lead the way compared to other European countries. But then there is work to be done.

It should become possible for circular entrepreneurs to benefit from their business model. Now, for example, they have to contend with extremely cheap new plastic, the rise of fast-fashion, the lack of pricing of environmental pollution. Also, existing laws and regulations focus primarily on linear revenue models, and there is a lack of clear guidelines and government coordination to promote changes in the production and consumption chain.

Fair Resource foundation works on various facets of circular economy policy, always with the goal of reducing resource use. In doing so, we look critically at the circular economy policy of the Dutch government and the role of the circular economy in the ‘National Environmental Program‘. We call for policies that work from the necessary frameworks to promote circular business models and scale down harmful forms of production.

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Fair resource foundation is committed to policies that ensure we use fewer resources. Because how we handle our resources is largely in the hands of policymakers. Only strong governments and decisive European and international institutions can stop systematic looting and waste. Therefore, we need policies that move away from the throw-away economy and encourage circular systems.

Fair Resource Foundation seeks strict and equitable legislation on production and consumption. We don’t just come up with criticisms and complaints, we try to give as much constructive advice and feedback as possible. It is important to engage in conversation so that policymakers don’t just hear the loud voice of business. Because the industry mainly wants to talk about recycling, while we prefer to talk about prevention and reuse.

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Dutch policy

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