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Waste and pollution are not only a threat to the environment and health, but also to the economy and well-being of society as a whole. Reducing waste and pollution and promoting high-quality recycling are therefore vital to the preservation of our planet and the well-being of future generations. We are therefore on the barricades for ambitious waste policies that are committed to high-quality recycling, less packaging and fighting litter.

not waste but raw material

In the Netherlands, as in many industrialized countries, despite efforts to reduce waste, the amount of waste generated remains significant. Although the Netherlands scores relatively well on waste management compared to some other countries, there is still a long way to go before cycles are closed. There are still many opportunities for further improvement, especially in the areas of prevention, recycling and reducing litter.

We advocate a focus on reducing waste and resource use, rather than relying solely on recycling as the solution to waste problems. Recycling is not always the best solution, especially with plastic packaging waste where the quality of the recycled material is often low and much energy is consumed. Therefore we encourage high-quality recycling and proper deposit systems. Furthermore, we are working on systems where disposable packaging is avoided and the use of reusable alternatives are the standard. We want as little waste as possible. If waste does arise then it is reused as a raw material.

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Ean end to unnecessary over-packaging and scaling up reuse


High-quality recycling as crucial means of closing the loop


We are committed on better regulation and infrastructure for waste collection

Waste export

Ending the negative environmental and health impacts caused by waste exports.

‘By putting value on empty packaging, deposits ensure that waste becomes a raw material again.’

Chloe schwizgebel

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Full report (EN) Each region of Belgium has a different litter policy. Flanders has a -20% target for 2022 compared to 2015, which has not been achieved. In Wallonia and Brussels, agreements on litter are less clearly formulated and there is a lack of proper monitoring. In no region is litter tackled at the source. Full report (EN) Each region of Belgium has a different litter policy. Flanders has a -20% target for 2022

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