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Imagine a take-away coffee cup that you can return over and over again, a permanent box for all your online orders, and your weekly groceries packed in reusable bottles and trays. That’s Mission Reuse’s mission: to replace disposable items with products and smart packaging designed to last and reuse over and over again. With this transition program, we not only bring these reusable solutions into focus, but also make them accessible and affordable for everyone. Together with our partners, Enviu and Natuur & Milieu, we are committed to making the world a little greener, less waste, less litter and less resource waste.


Mission Reuse is primarily about testing concepts around reuse in practice. That includes systems needed for dispensing, collection and cleaning of packaging. We are thus learning more about consumer preferences and how the business model works. If this proves successful, Mission Reuse pairs the entrepreneurs with larger market players.



With a well-grounded agenda and years of experience, we pave the way for change at the policy level. We ensure that new solutions are supported and encouraged from the government and can then take root. We focus on the concrete solutions for specific packaging streams that make the difference. We share these success stories with audiences, businesses and policymakers. The day the last reusable packaging is implemented everywhere possible, we call our mission accomplished.


The Mission Reuse program focuses on concrete solutions for specific packaging streams that make a real difference. We share the successes and insights with consumers, businesses, institutions, policymakers, politicians and media to inspire and spread knowledge as much as possible. In this way, we can collectively make the transition from a disposable culture to a circular system in which reuse of end-of-life recycled products is the new standard.

research & knowledge

Mission Reuse is conducting several studies on the potential, impact and best practices of reuse systems. From reuse at offices, a handbook for the hospitality industry, and pilots at festivals. Read it all here.

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The Mission Reuse team

Emmy van Daele

Reuse and Mission Reuse Project Coordinator


Karl Beerenfenger

Project Officer Mission Reuse and Beeping


Maïté Liekens

Project Officer Reuse