The pursuit of endless economic growth has led to a situation where the planet – and its planetary boundaries – are in serious jeopardy. Therefore it is important to shift the focus: from the obsession with economic growth, to a commitment to broad prosperity. The prosperity of a society should not be measured by gross national product, but by the degree of well-being and quality of life of its citizens.


Climate change, increasing pollution of the environment and loss of biodiversity: the planet is under severe pressure. Underlying these worrisome developments, is the inexhaustible pursuit of economic growth. There is a need for a new economic system that rewards protecting the planet and its inhabitants. The environment and human rights are still too often neglected to maximize shareholder profits and interests.

Fair Resource Foundation wants to change this. Critically considering current economic systems is a common thread that runs through all the topics we work on. Production and consumption systems that fit within the earth’s carrying capacity require an alternative economic approach. This is not easy and also takes time. Yet, we try to convince politicians and policymakers that policy interventions should include the promotion of well-being, rather than merely the protection of economic interests.


We strive for a society that fits within the carrying capacity of the earth: the planetary boundaries. By taking a critical look at current economic systems and possible alternatives, we encourage policies that put well-being at the center and don’t just look at economic gain.

Planetary boundaries define the safe operational space for human development within Earth’s borders. These limits include climate change, biodiversity loss, land use change, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles, freshwater use, ocean acidification and air pollution. Exceeding these limits can lead to abrupt and irreversible changes that threaten Earth’s stability and have serious consequences for human societies. With the “donut model,” minimum requirements for human well-being are added – the so-called “social foundation. Understanding and respecting these boundaries is essential to ensuring a safe and livable planet for present and future generations.

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